Wild Bill Hudson “Travis”



         Loving Friend, Soul mate




We will meet you on the other side!!!


Many friends and loved ones our hearts are heavy this Valentine’s 😔
Many will cry for the transition of this young life. “Travis” such a soldier a true being of life,
{{YOU’ll be dearly missed son😢}}}

Be the angel 😇for me that you always have been, keep watching  over my baby girl.💑





Travis called me Donna Mae or Donna Lee, sometimes mom. I am Vicki’s mother. I want to THANK EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU ,
For coming here to share in this celebration of Life!

Thanks for allowing me to say a few words that Brother Brad and I wrote collectively.

I believe there’s a reason why the letters R I P are displayed to reflect about someone who has passed….
It’s a very important message…..
It’s a reminder of all of the great labor & hard-work that life “IS” for each of us,
and a wish for each and everyone of us, that as when we leave this form we Rest In Peace.

Perhaps you’ll join me, if you choose, for a minute, as I relax completely,
…let go of the need
…to do anything
…I’m going to clear my mind
…and just breathe

…and if you choose,
close your eyes so we can create collective energy in memory of William Travis”Wild Bill Hudson…..
(A minute of silence)

You may want to ask,
What is right about this we are not getting or understanding ?

When our loved ones depart and transition to beyond,

Is there ever a right time?

I know myself I feel puzzled, shocked, confused.
I actually feel their spirit speaking inside my mind, kind of like trying to tell me “what happened.”

I LIKE TO ASK A QUESTION,because I really want to know,
“What benefit can come from this?”

I don’t know about you ,but
I myself feel a closeness from loved ones within a short time just after they transcend…

It’s as if they are talking to me about things going on in my life, like mending relationships, bettering my health, carrying on with our future.
Is this our consciousness waking up at that point,to what we need or what we already know?

Today is about William Travis “Wild Bill” Hudson

We all are together here today, and we may many times in the future gather in his honor….
Each of us have a special place inside us, for him.

Thinking about him, looking at pictures of him having memories & feeling of him standing there… by our side…. I know I had a feeling of his hand on my shoulder, protecting me.

I will give a thought of Travis in tough time’s and good time’s in the future.

Some feelings bring a smile a giggle or a feeling of power because he’s standing there next to me in SPIRIT.

Travis”Wild Bill” Hudson stood for alot of things!
Loving Friend, Soul mate, Grandpa,Uncle,Father,Son,
He stood for expressing yourself !
He loved art and expressions with Ink!
He stood for doing the right thing!

Hundreds or possibly more than a thousand people have a piece of him. A piece of GRAPHIC ARTISTRY part of his thoughts lay into graphic design and they will wear it proudly forever!🎭

Our relationships with Travis -William -Wild Bill has given us some meaning some purpose some gratitude… forevermore💖

Thanks Everybody 💞

God love my gma, her speech was by far amazing and still brings me to tears reading it.


Donna Lee
Holistic Health &Wellness Enthusiast 

Google voice 314-690-1913

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